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Guardians of the sea

SeLFiE: Steam Education and Foreign Language Learning in Europe.

EU promotes language learning and linguistic diversity across Europe as well as innovative approaches aimed at enhancing the linguistic competences of European citizens.

In the case of STEAM (a paradigm which merges the STEM plus the Arts as a whole providing highly valuable opportunities to explore creativity and develop social interaction related skills), the Inquiry-Based Science Education (IBSE) and Engineering Design Process in Science Education (EDP) are tackled jointly the bilingual approach and the inclusive perspective. In this context, SeLFiE project was born with the ultimate aim to facilitating the acquisition of a second language (English, Spanish of French in the first stage) through STEAM topics and active pedagogies.

The main objective is to improve the bilingual primary education teachers’ competences and their trainers. Moreover, to improve the science teaching and foreign language competence of primary education children.

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